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Whole body cryotherapy is a treatment program that’s typically associated with sports injuries, since it decreases the length of time it takes for athletes to heal, allowing them to get back to the activities they love, but the same process has also provided people who suffer from psoriasis with a great deal of relief.

It’s important to understand that when it comes to the uncomfortable skin condition, cryotherapy won’t cure patients, so far a cure has not been found, but it does provide psoriasis relief and is a great deal safer than the prescription steroids many doctors prescribe.

How Whole Body Cryotherapy Works to Help with Psoriasis

Anyone who has ever used an ice pack to help them gain some psoriasis relief will find whole body cryotherapy very familiar. When a patient opts for this form of psoriasis relief, they’ll step into a large chamber where liquid nitrogen is used to cool the skin. Even though the treatment only lasts for a few minutes, it’s enough to slow the speed that skin cells grow, halting the spread of psoriasis.

After the treatment, the human body automatically checks itself trying in an attempt to regain normalcy. This “rebooting process” encourages the growth of healthy skin cells and slows psoriasis. Regular whole body cryotherapy treatments help restore the body’s autoimmune system to normal, and eventually psoriasis outbreaks are a rare thing.

Why Whole Body Cryotherapy Is Better than Prescription Steroids

The fact that patients get psoriasis relief from the whole body cryotherapy is just one of the reasons so many sufferers have turned to the process. Another reason is that there are no side effects, something that can’t be said for the traditional forms of treatment which involves the use of steroids. When placed on the steroids, many patients lose their appetites and develop verifying degrees of anxiety. Even more alarming is that long term use of the prescription steroids increases the odds of developing cancer.

Whole body cryotherapy is very safe. Patients won’t have to worry about dealing with any side effects, allowing them to relax and enjoy extended periods of freedom from the itchy, red skin that bothered them prior to the treatment. Another advantage is that whole body cryotherapy can be used to treat psoriasis outbreaks on the face and throat, areas where prescription steroid creams can’t be used.

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