We, at A-Cryo, are always striving to provide the best solutions for your cryotherapy needs. That is why we created our signature model—A-CRYO—with low nitrogen consumption, reliable hardware, and with the most up to date cryogenic materials—eliminating much of the wear and tear of constant cycling for a worry-free, low maintenance machine.

With its seven foot height and three foot diameter, this unit is sized for nearly universal usage, giving you the capability of working with customers of nearly any size. We created a unique evaporator that gives this unit the ability to hold temperatures up to -130F. Additional customizations include but are not limited to; interior/exterior paint color, printed logos, door arrangement, differing heights and widths—and much more.

Call us today to customize a cryosauna to meet your own needs!

We deliver and provide all assembling and training.

Available for immediate delivery, this model comes with a 2 year manufacturer’s warranty on repairs and damages, while its simple design allows for repair by any electrical technician after the warranty expires. Its advanced vaporizer design reduces nitrogen gas usage up to 25%

Cabin Height: 74”
Cabin Lift Path: 26”
Cooling Cycle: 1 Minute
Dual Operation Modes: Automatic Mode, Manual Mode

Automatic Mode runs the unit through a predetermined length and temperature, automatically programed by the controller. Manual Mode allows for user modifications in the length and temperature of the procedure through the use of a wall mounted control input. These options allow users to control the temperature from a minimum temperature of -202F/-130C to a maximum temperature of – 320F/-196C, allowing users to set the unit to their own personal preference.

We offer free shipping to the lower 48 and full installation of the unit. Call today to schedule an appointment! (215) 360 1493