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Sports Recovery | Injury Recovery Bucks PA - CryotherapyCryotherapy for Sports & Injury Recovery

Sports recovery isn’t new. People have always found ways of allowing their bodies to recover after taking to the field or after engaging in grueling exercises. What has changed is the professionalism of sport and the techniques used in recovery.

Cryotherapy at its most basic works on the same principle as an icepack on a sore knee. Just like the icepack helps relieve the pain on a bump, cryotherapy is used to relieve symptoms in people suffering from muscular and joint pains resulting from intense activity or injury.

Benefits of Cryotherapy

One survey carried out by the University of Alicante which was recently published in their Journal of Human Sport and Exercise revealed that post- exercise cryotherapy can improve isometric strength endurance compared to the control condition. The Welsh Rugby team has been using cryotherapy since 2011 with great success. According to former captain Sam Warburton, the therapy allows players to train an extra day in a week. The benefits of cryotherapy for sports and injury recover include the following:

• Decreases injury recovery time by an estimated 50%
• Significantly improves psychological competitive edge
• Reduces delayed onset muscle soreness (DOMS)
• Greatly improves muscle strength
• Increases on-the-field performance
• Allows you to intensify training schedules because of reduced recovery time
• Improves joint function while inhibiting inflammation

The therapy helps your body recover from intense exercises by flushing your muscles and delivering nutrients and oxygen to them. Whole Body Cryotherapy (WBC) improves muscular resistance to fatigue and increases muscles’ capacity to regenerate which has been proved to enhance muscle performance.

Cryotherapy has successfully been used across Europe and the U.S.A. to ease depression signs. The process is believed to trigger the release of endorphins and adrenaline into your blood stream. Release of endorphins has always been associated with decreased stress and low levels of both irritability and anxiety. Endorphins increase energy levels and will leave you euphoric for up to 8 hours. These “euphoric” endorphins normally increase quality of sleep.

As competitiveness and training sessions in sports become increasingly intense, we need to work even harder to keep our athletes healthy. Cryotherapy currently provides the best alternative for sports and injury recovery.

Injury Recovery from Cryotherapy Bucks PA“After 2 weeks of treatments my knee pain is much improved. I am to the point I may start running again! In and out appointments. Service is great and staff very accommodating. Way to go Eugene!” 

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