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Available today is the latest model CryoSauna! This model comes with a 2 year factory warranty for any repairs or damages the unit may sustain. Very simple design allows for electrical technicians to repair the unit by themselves.
We offer free shipping to the lower 48 states and full installation of the unit .We will come to you and install the unit, free of charge!

Some specifications of the unit are as follows;
• Cabin is 74″ tall (Perfect for users 6Ft tall +)
• The unit’s cabin-lift travel path is 26″ (Perfect for users under 5Ft tall)
• The unit’s cooling cycle is 1 minute due to the advanced vaporizer design and reduces nitrogen gas usage up to 25%.
• The unit works from a radio signal-based remote control.
• Two modes of operation: automatic and manual.
Automatic mode runs the device with a predefined length and temperature of the procedure, automatically set and programmed by the controller. 
Manual mode allows modifications in the length and temperature of the procedure through the input of the remote control. 
Having both of these options allow users to control the temperature from -202F/-130C (minimum) to -320F/-196C (maximum) and allow users that can’t stand ultra-low temperatures to set their own preferences.

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